The ultimate tool for chiropractic practice communications

The Computerized Marketing Assistant is an all-in-one patient management, education, and marketing database that allows you to track appointments, communicate with your patients, market your practice, and educate the community, all without lifting a finger!

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Promotion 360

  • Delegate tasks to employees
  • Track and record assignments
  • Track and record calls
  • Analyze call statistics
  • Organize patient information
  • View patient conversion statistics

Systems Semi-Automation

  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • ProAdjuster-branded content
  • Send Google Review Requests
  • Send Referral requests
  • Send General Health Tips
  • Send Patient birthday email

Value Stacking

  • Patient Education Systems
  • Patient Reactivation Messaging
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Schedule & confirm appointments
  • Record patient contact information
  • Converse with patients digitally

Integrated Communications Portal

Dedicated Communications Portal to track and respond to messages from your patient base via phone call, text, or email. You can also add notes to contact cards and assign tasks to employees for each patient.

Call Tracking and Recording

Custom Twilio Call Tracking number will redirect to your front desk, record all calls to your dashboard, and provide valuable statistics for each call that you can check whenever you'd like.

Missed Appointment Management

The CMA will help you confront and minimize missed appointments by sending email and text message reminders for upcoming appointments, as well as notifications for any appointments that have been missed.

Monthly Wellness Email

After your patients have moved through the CMA platform, they will receive monthly wellness emails that include referral requests and appointment booking links.

Birthday Email

The CMA will automatically send your patients a email wishing them well on their birthday from you and the staff members at your clinic!

Google Reviews

Send your patient base Google Review Requests at your discretion, track reviews, page views, and more, all through your custom CMA dashboard


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